Warrior [0]

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Translated by Vj Muba

The warrior is the story of the "Maroon Berets", dedicated heroes who work in the most difficult conditions of the world and endure all imaginable difficulties... Our story begins when the famous Sword Team, one of the elite units of the Bordeaux Berets, and their commanders Colonel Halil ?brahim Kopuz and Captain Ka?an Bozok get out of prison and gather the team again and return to duty. With its superior skill, sense of duty and endless love of homeland, K?l?ç Team will take charge at every point the country needs, and will be Turkey's clenched fist and unbending wrist. These young men who carry their loves, longings and all kinds of difficulties on their shoulders are ready to sacrifice everything for the country to which they dedicate themselves. Because for them, “if it is the homeland, the rest is details..!”

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  1. abbas

    8 star

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  3. nilofer

    Must Watch .