The Escape of the Seven [0]

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Translated by VJ Fredy

A girl disappears from the world due to the Bobble Incident, and seven wicked people are involved in the incident. Seven villains, including the CEO of a drama production company, Geum La Hui, a gangster, Min Do Hyuk, a girl group trainee, Han Monet, CEO of entertainment, Yang Jin Mo, a teacher, Ko Myung Ji, a detective, Nam Chul Woo, and a gynecologist, Cha Ju Ran. They will play a game designed by convict Matthew Lee for seven charges of greed, betrayal, falsehood, distortion, incitement, envy, and indulgence. In order to escape the deity's punishment, the villains cleverly unite and deceive each other. What were the unwashed sins committed by the wicked? How has the fate of a girl changed due to fake news that began with selfishness and desire? Who will be able to survive this bloody revenge?

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    8 star

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  3. nilofer

    Must Watch .