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Translated by Vj HD

Shot on location everywhere from Las Vegas to Jeju Island to Africa and based on a novel by Kang Chul Hwa, Swallow the Sun is the story of Jung Woo, an orphaned child who grows up on the rough side of the streets and becomes a small-time hoodlum. When he saves the life of the rich and powerful president of a large corporation, things start to look up. The chairman sends Jung Woo to Seoul to look after the chairman's son, Tae Hyuk, who only wants one thing from him-to help him win the heart of a woman named Soo Hyun. Jung Woo will do anything to win favor with the President's family-unfortunately, the woman Tae Hyuk loves turns out to be Jung Woo's first love. Soo Hyun, who doesn't remember Jung Woo, finds herself gradually drawn to him as he pursues her under his master's name. After learning the devastating truth of his father's true identity, Jung Woo is sent on a whirlwind quest involving crime, love, and revenge, taking him from the glittering lights of Vegas to the diamond mines of Africa. Led by a cast of Korea's top stars, Swallow the Sun stars Ji Sung as the tormented hero, joined by Sung Yu Ri as the passionate, independent woman he falls for.

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  1. abbas

    8 star

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  3. nilofer

    Must Watch .