Prince of Wolf [0]

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Translated by VJ Kamran

Little Zhe-Ming was lost in the deep woods during a family trip. While he was wandering about, he accidentally saved a female wolf, so the leader of the pack-the Wolf King-decided to take help Zhe-Ming and take him under his protection. From that day on, Zhe-Ming started living with the wolves that saved him. Mi-Mi, an enthusiastic amateur photographer, visited Wolf Mountain in search of breath-taking sceneries. Instead, she encountered Zhe-Ming, who was standing absolutely naked under a waterfall when she saw him. Mi-Mi didn't know wha t to make of the situation. But then she accidentally fell into a valley and was saved by Zhe-Ming, who brought her back to his cave. Zhe-Ming is fixated on the idea that Mi-Mi is his female wolf, his mate, and they belong together. For her, Zhe-Ming decides to leave Wolf Mountain, and the two start a journey together, one filled with tons of laughter.

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    8 star

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    Must Watch .