Man from the Equator [0]

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Translated by Vj Shao Khan

Jang Il, the smartest of the school, and Seon Wu, the strongest kid in Yeosu, are best friends. Influenced by Jang Il, Seon Wu starts studying and working hard towards his dream. However, all of a sudden, Seon Wu's guardian, Kyung Pil, dies a mysterious death and Seon Wu becomes blind while investigating on the case. Su Mi witnesses the scene that Jang Il attacks Seon Wu but remains silent on it and waits for the right moment. Ji Won, who is a volunteer reader for visually impaired people, meets Seon Wu by chance and they fall in love. Despite his strong feelings for Ji Won, however, Seon Wu breaks up with Ji Won so she can have a better life. 13 years have passed. Jang Il becomes a special prosecutor. Seon Wu becomes a young CEO of Royal Tree, an investment trust company. Ji Won works as a VIP party planner at a five-star hotel. And Sumi becomes a hyper-realism painter. They all have gone their separate ways. However, the fate draws them back together.

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    8 star

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    Must Watch .