fatal mission [0]

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Translated by Vj HD

Their mission was so top secret, they didn’t even know what their true intent was. In 1942, the Chinese government received intelligence that the Japanese may be developing a dangerous biological weapon in a remote part of Burma. The Chinese Expeditionary Force, a secret specialized squad, is dispatched to the remote region to try to stop the Japanese actions. Led by the tough female commander, Liao Yi Fang (Jia Qing), the highly trained soldiers can’t seem to get along or give their commander much respect. Joining her on the treacherous mission is Zhao Ban Kuo (Sean Sun), Little Knife (Caesar Li), Cao Quo Jiu (Li Tai), Wang Xi Mao (Yuan Shuai), Big Bull (Jin Jia), Long Hair (Di Jie), Grassy Third (Chen Meng Qi) and the Medic (Song Qing).

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    8 star

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    Must Watch .