Breakup Probation, A Week [0]

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Translated by Vj KS

Before Ga Ram's and Seon Jae's wedding, they get into a car accident. The accident leaves Seon Jae in a coma and kills Ga Ram. After her death, Ga Ram finds herself in an unknown place where she receives a strange offer from a man named X. "I’ll give you a week. In order to save Seon Jae, break up with him in a week." Ga Ram goes back to the previous week to say goodbye to Seon Jae, her forever love. Only when Seon Jae fights the break up does Ga Ram realize the depth and intensity of his sincere love for her. But it’s too late. Ga Ram needs to find an excuse to break up with him. Will Ga Ram succeed and save Seon Jae?

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  1. abbas

    8 star

  2. imran


  3. nilofer

    Must Watch .